How to Rank

The best international betting sites introduce on this site, all of which are best on their own. It should be noted that these sites are entirely international and they have no problems in terms of paying customers, and they are among the best betting sites in the world.

Our experts have ranked the sites based on the following:


Warranty of money payment to users at any value.

Best odds

Statutory licenses of betting sites activity.

Online supporting.

The attractiveness of the site environment and its simplicity.

Extensions of site options like the number of sports, the number of live betting, and the support of various sports leagues and the number of betting options on a game. (Live betting)

Register from your country

Available and fast deposit and withdrawal methods.

Minimum and maximum money to bet on a sporting event.

The possibility of user registration from most countries in the world.

Language of the site (In terms of which language of the site can be changed in what languages).

First deposit bonus and easy withdrawal of first deposit bonus.

Support cryptocurrency

Speed of site rising and availability of the site with a variety of platforms such as laptop, mobile and tablet.


How to bet

Whether you love gambling on football, baseball, or basketball — Betting Sites Ranking takes your best interests into account to bring you betting websites that suit you best. Our detailed reviews and analyses tell you virtually all there’s to know about an online sports bookie,


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